Friday, January 16, 2009

Did Al Capone take over my country when I wasn't looking?

I had the weirdest conversation about New Zealand today.

The guy cutting my hair, originally from Korea, said he always wanted to travel to NZ but was scared to because of "all the gangsters".

"Gangsters?" I asked. "I don't think New Zealand is known for its gangsters."
"Yes, yes!" He assured me. "Very dangerous. I see it on SBS. A documentary. New Zealand has very many gangsters."
"Well, I know crime is high in some cities, but there are plenty of safer places too. Where would you like to go in NZ?"
"I like to camping," he said. "I want to walk native bush. Milford Sound."
"I'm pretty sure you'd be safe from criminals out in the bush."
"No!" he replied, shooting me a look of obvious contempt for my ignorance, "NZ have very many gangsters. Nowhere is safe."


shrinkykitten said...

He must've seen the hiphopopotomous episode of flight of the conchords!

Leslie M-B (trillwing) said...

Clearly he has made the very common error of confusing New Zealand with New Jersey.