Friday, January 30, 2009

In a Bond-like feat of counter-intelligence...

What strikes me about this story—apart from the obligatory angle of OMG the SIS is spying on people!—is the following line:

The file continues to track Leadbeater's life, although the SIS lost track of her when she married and took her husband's name.
Awesome job, dudes. Note to self: in order to evade NZ's top intelligence people, just get married and change your name. SO SNEAKY!


Grace Dalley said...

Like many NZers I'm pretty disturbed by the SIS surveillance of legitimate political and lobby groups. What possible purpose does it serve?
And Marie Leadbetter was under surveillance from age 10 because her parents happened to be peace activists and Communist Party members?!
But as you say, someone somewhere should be embarrassed that her getting married gave them the slip.

StyleyGeek said...

Grace, I didn't mean that I'm not disturbed by it (although I'm not especially surprised, either: I guess I'm a bit of a pessimist when it comes to believing that intelligence agencies are 'only used for good'.)