Friday, January 09, 2009

High school flashback

The gym changing rooms today are full of 14-year-olds getting ready for a soccer tournament. Oh the angst! Oh the bitchiness! Oh the "casual" swearing, followed by a quick scan of the room to see if anyone's impressed. Oh the attempts to get changed into gym gear without actually exposing any skin to your classmates.

Actual conversation:

"Oh my god, like, get OVER it."
"Oh my god, like, NO."
"Oh my god, like, YES."
"Oh my god, like, what the hell?"
"Oh my god, like, she said get OVER IT."


Bardiac said...

I am SO glad to be through junior high and high school!!!! SO GLAD!

StyleyGeek said...

Oh my god, like, ME TOO :)

Bardiac said...

Duh! :)