Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Why yes, a happy new year to you too

So this is traditionally the time of year when I post about how horribly hot it is and how I'm dying of summer, and you all reply that you are jealous.

So let's just take that as read, okay (36 C=97 F!) and I'll find something else to complain about instead.

How about this:

Our neighbours have gone on an extended holiday/moved out/who the hell knows. Their smoke alarm, however, has not. Beep beep BEEP. Every five minutes. I think it's the low battery alarm. If I could break in I would replace that freaking battery for them, but as it is we are doomed to hear beep beep BEEP every five minutes for the rest of our lives.

Including all. night. long.

Three days and counting. If you need me, I'll be the one biting a pillow and trying not to kill anyone.

Beep beep BEEP.


Psych Post Doc said...

OMG, that would drive me nuts. There isn't anyone you can call?

Bardiac said...

I might call the police (not the emergency line) and express my concern that there's some sort of alarm going off in there, and maybe it should be checked out...

Bardiac said...

ps. I'll trade you -8C for your 97F!

(That's the temp right now, and it's not it's coldest for the night.) I'd also be happy to trade you our minus 20F.

liz said...

This actually happened to us when we lived in an apt in NYC and we called the fire department's non-emergency number. They contacted the landlord and had the battery replaced, because --- guess what? It's against the NYC fire codes!

I bet your local fire dept would do the same thing.

StyleyGeek said...

Liz, the problem is that I don't know who owns the apartment. It's more than likely that it is owner-occupied, in which case it's the owners who are on holiday. If it's rented, possibly the owners are able to be contacted, if people can just find out who they are. I don't know how the fire dept would be able to find that out either... Maybe they have resources we mortals don't. I might call them and see.

Anonymous said...

Happened to me a few months ago. Beep beep beep all night long. The landlord didn't do anything, because I was not sure exacly which neighbour the sound was coming from. After many nights of sleeping with ear plugs, and being terrified of not hearing the alarm clock in the morning, the batteries or whatever it was finally died!