Saturday, January 14, 2006

Did someone lose something?

I found this the other day on the way home from uni. The blue tongued lizard tail, not the pen. The pen is just to show what size it is. It's all dry and leathery, and still has the skeleton inside. One thing I really love about this country is the random wildlife. And although there are many, many reasons why I dislike this particular city, the way you get wildlife right in the centre almost makes up for it. We have cockatoos and rosellas, in our garden, possums in the roof, and I've seen plenty of kangaroos and lizards in the metropolitan area. We nearly hit a kangaroo when driving down the motorway past parliament house a few weeks back. There's no bush around there -- just perfectly manicured lawns and massive amounts of city infrastructure. So what the kangaroo was doing is anyone's guess. Maybe he was visiting the tourist sights (all three of them). Or maybe it had something to do with the fact that parliament house is just about the only place in the city allowed to run sprinklers. In this country, where there's water, there's wildlife. Posted by Picasa