Thursday, January 19, 2006

A great big middle-finger-salute to everyone who has "helped" us with health insurance the last two years

The seemingly interminable saga of Geekman trying to get health insurance finally ends today (with any luck). After a year and a half of NO ONE being able to tell us whether or not Geekman is covered under Medicare agreements with Sweden or New Zealand, followed by half a year of everyone being adamant he wasn't covered by either, followed by a law change that meant we were no longer eligible for student-priced health cover (which they had inaccurately been telling us we were ineligible for anyway), we finally decided to bite the bullet and pay the damn multi-thousand-dollar per year "temporary visitors' cover", which seemed to be the only option left to us.

So we fill out the forms and within twenty-four hours, a friend locates and sends to us the exact wording on the agreement between NZ and Australia (something that no government official I have come across has been able to find). It states that it applies to any NZ resident
temporarily in the territory of Australia who has "a current NZ passport OR any other current passport or current certificate of identity endorsed to the effect that the holder is entitled to reside in New Zealand indefinitely".

Which means that either everyone at Medicare and the New Zealand Embassy has been lying to us for the last two years, or they are all extremely incompetent. Any bets?