Monday, January 23, 2006

Supersize me -- the Australian way

It's 8pm and still 34°C (93 F) and though there are more than a few things I would change about this country, the heat has got to be near the top of the list. No wait, that's the rant I'm saving up for Australia Day.

This is going to be a ramble, because I am drunk and not obeying my private laws that say not to blog while. Drunk. Yes.

Tried to go climbing with our little PhD student climbing clique, but the people who had to be there weren't there and no one wanted our money (for the climbing wall fees) and it all got complicated, and you'd think that someone might have wanted to take some money seeing as we were waving it round and all but no.

So we went and strawberry daiquiried at the uni bar instead. Drinking is almost the same as exercising, after all. And then because the ice melted so fast in this heat we had to drink fast which means more ordering which means rum-and-coke (which you have to order as a "Bundy" in this country because they like to be different and confuse me).

I waited for the bartender to ask me if I wanted a single or a double.
"Do you want that in a schooner*?"he said.

They do things differently in this country. Maybe I like it here after all.

* A schooner = nearly a pint -- see here for further clarification. And obviously yes, I did.