Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Tutor and the Beast. Part one of an exciting, semester-long adventure.

The only guy in our dept who I think actively dislikes me is the one convening the course I want to tutor for this year. To be fair, I think he is one of those people who actively dislikes everyone as a default setting until he gets to know them. But it's awkward when you greet him in the corridor and he doesn't reply but just looks peeved, or you ask him questions and he addresses his replies to the other person you are standing with.

But I really loved tutoring last year so much that I decided to give it my best shot. Also, I could do with the cash. Even more also, he didn't exactly seem to be inundated with volunteers, so I guessed I had a chance. So when the HOD mentioned to me that ScaryLecturer was looking for tutors, I asked him to pass on my name.

Next thing I know, ScaryLecturer sticks his head around my office door and barks, "Tutoring! This semester. Yes/no?"
"Uh, yes please," I reply. And without another word, he leaves. And I'm sat there pondering on what great fun this semester's going to turn out to be.

Next installment in this fascinating saga tomorrow.