Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Tutor and the Beast: Part Two

Read part one first.

That warning out of the way, here's the sequel.

I'm starting to wonder when I should get around to asking ScaryLecturer for more details about the tutoring gig (which means I know I should be asking him, but am putting it off as long as I dare). Then I got talking to the HOD, who's dropped by my office to show me his holiday photos -- see, everyone else likes me -- when ScaryLecturer sticks his head in the door and, without waiting for a break in the conversation, interrupts with "How many tutes you want?"
"How many do you have?" I ask in an attempt at light hearted banter.
"I don't think you should do more than three," he replies.

So why did he even ask?

Admittedly we had a good chat later in the day when I bearded him in his den (aka office) and demanded a bit more information (timetable, syllabus, textbook). But then it all got even weirder.

More to come. I promise.