Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Stingy-the-Geek plays Scrabble.

Played Geekman at Scrabble tonight. As usual, he won. 346 to 232. Usually I get at least within a hundred points of him. Dammit.

The Scrabble board is homemade. We played so much scrabble at his parents' place over Christmas that we decided we needed a board of our own. But looking in the shops, we couldn't find a set for under $50. So we made it a Saturday project -- the board is made of extra stiff card, painted and laminated; the tiles are made of modelling clay and drawn on with vivid. Haven't found a good way of making the letter holders yet -- currently they are cardboard, but keep falling apart. But I made a cute draw-string bag to keep the letters in.

I was telling my mother about how much fun it was to make the set, but I don't think she really got it. "I don't think I've ever met anyone so stingy they make their own boardgames," she told me, aghast. Well, in my day we make our own fun. But try telling that to a baby boomer. Posted by Picasa

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Lucy said...

that's awesome! Scrabble is one of the many things that are much cheaper in the US, but sadly I have nobody to play with.