Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Don't read this, Grace: it might make you blush

Geekman and I got a wedding present yesterday. After all, what's three years between friends? Seriously, though, this present was worth waiting for.

Grace Dalley, who sometimes comments here, is an extremely talented photographer with an inexplicable partiality for turning everyday vegetable matter into art.

(This is way cooler than it might sound.)

And as a wedding gift, she gave us large prints of a few of our favourite photos of hers, which she has also kindly allowed me to reproduce in miniature here.

I'm not sure how well the colours will come out on your screen. They look kind of dull on mine, but the photos themselves are wonderfully vibrant.

Grace has also begun doing a line in greeting cards with excitingly lit plant matter on the front, which you should all go out and buy. Except that you can't just yet, since the world has not yet seen the error of its ways and begun stocking Grace's cards internationally. But she tells me she will have a website up and running soon, so bookmark this link (currently to a place-holder only) and start saving to buy up her artwork before she gets so famous you can't afford her.

You have been told.


Katie said...

Those are really beautiful pictures! I am just starting to get into photography and this gives me some ideas on how to light things. Thanks!

turtlebella said...

Quite lovely. That first looks like the husk from a tomatillo. Thanks for the tip about the forth-coming website, I look forward to perusing.

shrinkykitten said...

Those are just gorgeous, by the way.