Thursday, May 11, 2006

When cockatoos come home to roost

From my balcony at twilight:

It's incredible to think that this tree is the same one as in the second and last photos in this group, taken only about three weeks ago. My balcony testifies to what happened, though, being knee-deep in crunchy leafiness.


turtlebella said...

I was so so so confused by the trees for a bit. Until I remember duh. StyleyGeek lives in the southern hemisphere (which I was already tacitly acknowledging what with the cockatoos but interesting how your brain just doesn't put all the evidence together when you have some deep assumption like that it's.spring.almost.summer. There's a lesson somewhere here for me as an academic...)

StyleyGeek said...

I know. I still get confused sometimes, after living in the other hemisphere for so long. People say to me "in the summer", and I think mid-year instead of December. It doesn't help that most of the people in my dept are American, and when I hear someone with an American accent talking about summer or winter, I automatically translate the time of year too.