Sunday, May 21, 2006

Three cheers for telepathy

This morning one of my six part time jobs loaned me to the RSPCA, as they were having a big event down by the lake and needed extra hands. My job was to persuade people to "vote" for their favourite of six dog kennels that had been designed by local architecture students. You could vote by putting a dollar in a letterbox attached to the kennel you thought was best. At 2 o'clock the dog kennel with the most money in its letterbox got auctioned off and the RSPCA got the money both from the letterboxes and the auction.

So I was standing there getting people to drop dollar coins into the letterbox of their favourite kennel. And at various times during the day I overheard at least ten different people turn to their partner or child after putting their coin in and say that they hoped they would "win the raffle". Obviously it didn't strike them as slightly odd that they thought they were entering a competetion that didn't require them to leave any name, number or contact details.

Because we know who you are.