Wednesday, May 31, 2006

King Parrot

When I arrived at my office yesterday, this king parrot was sitting in one of the trees just outside.

She was at head level and didn't seem to mind at all that I walked right up to her and took lots of photos. I came within arm's reach without her seeming at all concerned. The only time it looked like she might fly off was when I reached out to actually touch her, and when my fingers were a couple of centimetres away from her tail she started to flutter, so I stopped.

Here's a shot of her pretty red belly.

I just couldn't get over how close she was, and how large! King parrots are the size of large crows, but usually look a lot smaller because you mostly see them high up in the tops of trees. She stayed there for nearly an hour, but then a magpie shooed her away.


Badaunt said...

These pictures make me think that if I could catch some jungle crows (which inhabit cities, here) and paint them bright colours, they might look a bit less scary. And they would add some colour to Japan's cities, which tend to be rather monochrome.

StyleyGeek said...

Great plan! I'm going to have to google jungle crows to see what they look like now.