Monday, May 22, 2006

StyleyGeek must learn to stay in character

At my website job today I was standing by the photocopier (which doubles as a printer), waiting for my printout to appear. A woman I hadn't seen before started trying to photocopy something, then noticed me and stopped.

"Are you waiting for a printout?"
"Yes, but go ahead."
"Will it screw up your printing if I copy something?"
"I don't know. I guess it might delay it a bit, but I'm in no rush."

She smiled and pressed the "copy" button. Nothing happened.

She tried again. Still nothing.

"Do you know why it's not working?" she asked me.
I took a look, pressed a few random-ish buttons, but couldn't help. "I don't know anything about photocopiers. Sorry."
"Dammit. At least I won't be holding up your printing any longer."
"Except that nothing's happening there either. It should have printed by now."

We both peer at the machine, baffled. I fiddle with the settings, turn it off and on again. Still nothing.

"Oh well," sighed the other woman. "I should have known something like this would happen. I'm completely useless with technology."
"Me too. It's probably my fault. I've broken three computers, a fax machine and a telephone in the six weeks I've been here: I was about due for a photocopier." We share a smile.

"I didn't think I'd seen you around much before," said the other woman as she gathered up her papers to leave. "So what do you do?"
I should have seen this question coming, but by the time I realised what a hole I had dug myself into it was too late to backtrack and make something up, and I swear I heard my own answer in slow motion like a car accident unfolding in front of me.

"I work in the I.T. department."


turtlebella said...

WHY oh WHY must you always make me laugh when I am determined to be in a "It's Monday morning and I am cranky" mood?!" It's impossible to maintain my frown when the giggling is spilling out the sides of my mouth. hee hee. I would've paid to see the look on the other woman's face. Priceless.

StyleyGeek said...

Ha ha! I am the gremlin of Monday anti-gloom!

grace said...

You could have said, "Hardware! Doesn't it drive you crazy?!" and rolled your eyes ;-)

Jana said...

It sounds like a wetware problem to me, though, Grace :-)

StyleyGeek said...