Saturday, July 22, 2006

Always willing to help

The scene: about an hour ago. I am still in bed, trying to snuggle up to the cup of coffee Geekman just brought me. (I am not awake enough to have assessed its proper function yet.)

"Sorry to have woken you up."

"It's okay. I'll have to get up soon anyway to go see how the internet has been doing all night without me."

"I could bring you the laptop if you like."

"But then I'd never have any reason to get up and I'd get fat and slow."

"I suppose if you have to hunt and gather your computer regularly it keeps you lean and sleek."

"Except that I don't have to go very far. It doesn't exactly run away from me."

"I could pull it around on a string if you like."


Magpie said...

I've got a brilliant image in my head of the laptop like a kids toy. so as you pull the string the lid flaps open and shut. :)

(Does that make sense to anyone other than me?)

turtlebella said...

What happens when you try to read StyleyGeek with a mouth full of coffee: computer monitor style-ishly covered in coffee-colored spray of dots....

Just too funny.

Jana said...

I can vividly imagine this. Geekman, you are so endearing.

StyleyGeek said...

Magpie, that makes perfect sense, and totally cracks me up.

Turtlebella, this seems to happen to you a lot. Have you thought about getting a plastic shield for your keyboard? :)

Jana, I think so too.