Thursday, July 20, 2006

Carnivals are fun! (Except for mine)

Does anyone know if there is a blog carnival for graduate students and related posts? Because I've had a look around, and haven't found one. But I'm constantly coming across interesting posts by and for grad students that motivate me or at least help me feel like I'm not alone, and I think it would be great to have a regular round-up of those.

So if you do know of an existing carnival on this theme, please let me know. Otherwise, would you be interested in one if I got it started? And if you are, you have to help me think up a catchy name for it. I'm bad at that sort of thing.*

* If you want proof of how bad I am at this, the first names that suggested themselves to me were, "The Carnival of Desperation", and "The Carnival of Gloom and Despair", which probably say something about where my thesis is at right now, but don't exactly have a ring to them that will make people come lining up to read and be merry.


Lucy said...

that's a great idea! I don't know what organising a carnival would involve, but I'd be happy to help. The Carnival of Desperation does seem to have the right ring to it... I hope your thesis improves enough for you to think of a cheery title :)

luckybuzz said...

Ha! I think the Carnival of Gloom and Despair is just about right. :)

And I'd totally be interested in a grad student carnival!

Honeybee said...

I don't think a grad student carnival exists, but I'd love to participate.

Hmm. Titles. Damn Jorge Cham for taking Piled Higher & Deeper.

GRADual Progress maybe?

StyleyGeek said...

Hee hee, honeybee, that's exactly the sort of thing I was hoping someone would come up with. Now that you've got the ball rolling, hopefully some other people might come up with bad puns on the word 'grad'.

It would be great if those of you with larger readerships than I have would ask on your blog for name ideas too. I'd love it if we had enough suggestions to have a vote on a name.

Or we can use honeybee's, of course. It just feels wrong to take the first name suggested.

stellar_muddle said...

There is of course the standard PhD line up including:

Procrastination to a higher Degree - guess who that applies to...:)
Perversion to a higher Degree
Probably highly Deranged
Probably highly Drunk
Permanent head Damage
Plugging hard Daily
Perverted, horny and Drunk

This may or may not help...

StyleyGeek said...

Thank you, Stellar Muddle. Hadn't thought of those. I think "Probably Highly Deranged" or "Permanent Head Damage" could work... "The carnival of Permanent head Damage". I'll keep these in mind when putting it to the vote!

shrinkykitten said...

I love permament head damage.

and I totally think you should start a carnival.

Katie said...

I love the idea of Carnival of Grad Students. I think it would be supportive and a whole lot of fun. Count me in!