Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday poetry blogging: Falkenlied

I can't believe that in my medieval poetry posting frenzy, I never posted this one. It was always one of my favourites, and took on a special meaning for me in the years that Geekman and I were living 18 000 km apart.

There are a few versions of this, but this is the one from the Codex Manesse. Scroll down for the translation (mine).

Der von Kürenberg (c. 1160)

Ich zôch mir einen valken mêre danne ein jâr.
dô ich in gezamete, als ich in wolte hân,
und ich im sîn gevidere mit golde wol bewant,
er huop sich ûf vil hôhe und vlouc in ándèriu lant.

Sît sach ich den valken schône vliegen,
er vuorte an sînem vuoze sîdîne riemen,
und was im sîn gevidere alrôt guldîn.
got sende sî zesamene, die gelíeb wéllen gerne sîn!

Falcon Song
(my translation)

I once trained a falcon for longer than a year.
Then when I had tamed him as I wanted him to be
and into his feathers gold I had wound,
he flew up into the sky and away to another land.

Since then I have seen the falcon flying,
From his feet silken jesses were trailing
and in his plumage he was all red-golden.
God send those together who dearly long to be loved


Lucy said...

I like that one a lot :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your translation, it's helped me a lot. Old German is difficult :(