Sunday, July 09, 2006

Note to self: laughing at other people's languages is Bad Form

I came across the best words ever in a presenter's example sentences at the conference today:



(The first one means "jealous" and the second means something like "will fall and break".)

I was the only one who found this words funny. I was just about falling off my chair killing myself with laughter, then turned around and noticed that everyone was giving me A Look.


Lucy said...

those are very cool words

StyleyGeek said...

See, that's probably the right response. Admiration, not ridicule. I might try that next time.

Badaunt said...

I have a similar reaction (the falling about laughing one, I mean) whenever somebody says the number 555 in German.

The two examples you gave would be the death of me if I heard them out loud.

StyleyGeek said...

Hee hee. You should hear someone say 777 in Swedish. Always guaranteed to raise a smile.