Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I have questions

Why am I always sitting behind the one person on the plane who immediately on take-off puts his seat into the extreme reclining position and stays there for the entire trip?

Why is it that on every trip I am selected for a "random" search? Do I look like a terrorist?

Yes, I am blogging from an airport. Because I can.


shrinkykitten said...

Yes! This is me too! Once I got strip searched and then at the gate, got 'randomly" chosen. Needless to say, I burst into tears.

And I'm always behind the one person who lowers their seat all the way. I have very long legs - so this is painful.

it's really hard to believe that men designed planes -- I mean, most men look horridly uncomfy in the seats and have no room to move.

Aurelius said...

The trick is to arrive early & book the front row.

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

I always get the seat-kicking kid behind me. Sucky!

(shrinky - strip searched! Jesus!!)

Jesse said...

My knees are usually pressed firmly agaisnt the seat in front of me on an airplane. This is because I am too tall for airplanes. And I HATE when the person in front of me tries to recline, because there is ZERO room as it is, and then we get into negative room and it is very uncomfortable.

I take a small amount of pleasure in knowing that they can only manage to recline an inch or two before my femurs stop any more movement. I sincerely hope this ruins there day.

Lucy said...

You can blog from the airport? How? Did it require enormous sums of money?

What's the appropriate etiquette for seat reclining on long flights? I feel guilty for putting my seat back, still, but the pain of sitting upright for 9-14 hours usually wins out.

I'm feeling guilty about my usual good luck with searches/customs/annoying people now.
Shrinky, that's horrible!

betty said...

I just flew first class for the first time ever and it was awesome. I didn't care when they searched my carry on (I think they do it when I stuff it so full even the X-ray machine can't see through it!). I didn't care when we were delayed. I didn't care about ANYTHING! It was awesome.

but usually I'm miserable, also stuck behind the seat leaners and since I'm tall I do what Jesse does and ram my knees into their back.

Lucy, I say seat leaning protcol is lean partially, but only lean all the way if a) they're kicking you before you even move b) it's super late at night and no is moving. I say never lean all the way back during the drink service. I hate having my drink shoved into my abdomen by the person in front of me.

RageyOne said...

Oh, you are the only one who always seem to sit behind the person who wants to recline the seat. I do wish airplanes just wouldn't make that an option. I tend to not recline so the person behind me can be comfortable (well, as comfortable as one can be on airplane with the limited space).

StyleyGeek said...

I think it's fair to recline if it's that pseudo night time that airlines do half way through long flights -- serve dinner and then dim all the lights. Also, if the person behind you has reclined, then you can too. But not in the middle of the day in a one hour flight, especially if you aren't even trying to sleep.

Shrinky -- being strip searched sounds horrific! You must _really_ look like a terrorist! :)

Lucy -- Sydney airport has free internet in the international terminal. Not wireless, sadly, so you have to queue, but still, I think it's very cool.

Betty -- I flew business class once, and I loved the fantastic amount of seat room, the food, and so on, but the amount of personal attention and service you get made me feel really uncomfortable. Like, as I sat down, the steward came up to ask if I wanted a glass of champagne. Just then, while he was standing in the aisle waiting for my answer, a harried looking mother with two kids tried to get past to her seat in economy. Instead of moving aside, the steward glared at her and asked her to wait to one side while he got my drink.

I HATED that. But otherwise business class was awesome. I can only dream about what first class must be like!

Lucy said...

oh, I didn't think of connecting airports. That's not quite so exciting.