Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The hazardous life of a theoretical physicist

"What happened to your head?"

"Which one?"

"??? The one at the top of your neck. It has a big red mark on it."

"I was thinking."

"Thinking so hard it damaged your scalp?"

"Thinking so hard I had to put my head down on the desk. It must have got bruised by a piece of paper."


morris said...

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turtlebella said...

Well, I dunno if Morris' blog is anything like as funny as StyleyGeek's I may not be able to take it! My bladder, it's a fragile organ and can only take so much laughing until I have to pee in my pants! On the other hand, StyleyGeek can be very educational too. For example I was not aware that paper, in single peices, was actually dangerous. I mean there should be a warning or something...

StyleyGeek said...

Gotta love that comment spam.

And turtlebella, I don't think I needed to know about you peeing in your pants! There's such a thing as too much information. But I'm glad I'm keeping you entertained (and educated) too.

Grace said...

Tell him he's so cute, from me. ;-)

Which one, indeed!

StyleyGeek said...

I'll pass it on, grace. He doesn't believe me, but he seems to be getting a bit of a fan club here.

I met my first random-person-off-the-internet in real life the other day (hi, Morton T Fogg!) and he told me he got into reading this blog after reading a post about Geekman.

geekman said...

So, let's see. So far my suffering has engendered mirth and "aw, how cute" reaction.

Can no one spare sympathy or commiseration? Or possibly a solidarity-building tale about how they too were maimed by a sheet of paper?