Friday, July 07, 2006

Not all bad

There were the occasional amusing moments in my trip, though. The best ever came during a conversation between my mother and the people she was staying with:

"I can't seem to get my dial-up internet to work."
"It probably only works from your house, because it needs your telephone line. But I have broadband. Would you like to use that?"
"My dial-up SHOULD work."
"Well, even if it does, if you are going to be using the internet much while you are here, you should use my broadband account, because unlike dial-up that doesn't cost me any extra."
"Oh, I won't be using the internet much. I'm not really a web browser."


Badaunt said...

Did you scream?

StyleyGeek said...

In a laughing sort of way.

And now I keep trying to decide if my mother would be Internet Explorer or Netscape. I don't think she's cool enough to be Firefox or Safari.

Badaunt said...

I think she is probably spiritually closer to Netscape Nagivator.