Sunday, July 23, 2006

Vote for a name!

It's time to make a decision.

Should the new carnival be called:

  • The Carnival of GRADual Progress
  • The Carnival of Permanent head Damage
  • The Carnival of Procrastination to a higher Degree

Votes in the comments, please.

Once a name is chosen, I'll set up a webpage to put the details on (how to submit posts, where and when each carnival will be held, etc), and start hunting down posts for the first carnival. I'll host the first one or two myself here, and then if it seems to be working, I'll be looking for volunteers to host the later ones. I don't think we'll be able to run it more than once a month, at least at first, and I'd suggest the 1st of the month, since the Teaching Carnival is on the 15th, and spacing them like that means we'll have a carnival to look forward to almost every second week.

Any other suggestions are extremely welcome.


RageyOne said...

I like #1 The Carnival of GRADual Progress. For the record, I think the carnival is a great idea. I hope you accept posts from recently completed graduate students.

trillwing said...

I, too, like GRADual.

luckybuzz said...

I like #1 too, and I'm looking forward to the carnival!

StyleyGeek said...

#1 it is, then! And I'd say we should accept posts from anyone, as long as they are to do with life as a grad student.

Honeybee said...

Hee! I made that title up in about 3 seconds. I'm quite flattered that other people liked it!

The other names are hilarious too. I was trying to come up with P h D themed names and drew a blank.

Jana said...

What a wonderful idea. My vote goes for The Carnival of Procrastination to a higher Degree.

StyleyGeek said...

I think you're outvoted, Jana. Although that is the title that best describes my work ethic at the moment. Sigh.

John H said...

damn..too late, i was coming in with Carnival of Potentially Harmful Dosages

StyleyGeek said...

That's pretty good too. But it is too late. I set up a webpage last night. Just fiddling with the template a bit still and then I'll give you guys the URL.