Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Don't do this (unless you don't like your friends)

Giving an email the subject line: "SURPRISE!!!" is a sure way to make the recipient

(a) almost stick it straight in the spam bin, stopping only when she recognises the sender's name.
(b) get all excited, only to be hugely let down when she reads the rest.

Full text of the email (from my mother, in case we haven't guessed by now):

Hello love,

I just had a wonderful surprise. I was watering my tomatoes and the phone rang and it was my friend Linda, and we had a lovely chat. I wasn't expecting anyone to call, so isn't it great when these things happen? PS: Here's a recipe for lentil casserole [redacted].

And I thought it was a surprise for me. For ME! *sniff*

(Although lentil casserole could be pretty surprising under the right circumstances, I guess.)


Anonymous said...

yeah...i'm fairly certain I would have dropped it in the spam bin.

and...wow. Really? This is a surprise worth sharing around generally...? because this matters to styleygeek how?

Kelly said...

I am always both appalled and amused by your mother's behavior. She's great. :)

Geeka said...

My mom can't manage the email. I have gotten a "surprise! I have pneumonia!" phone call.

The more I hear about your mom, the more I think that we are related.

StyleyGeek said...

Somehow, "Surprise! I have pneumonia" is even funnier. (In retrospect, obviously: I'm not quite so evil I would laugh at a sick person).

Of course, if my mother only thinks things are email-worthy if they affect her, and I only think they are worth hearing about if they affect me, we are both doomed by mutual self-absorption to eternal non-communication.

It's not the content of the email per se that bothers me, though, just the weird-ass subject line :)

Queen of West Procrastination said...

My favourite part is the fact that you redacted the lentil casserole recipe, as if you're protecting the innocent.