Sunday, October 21, 2007

What to do, what to do?

So a big-ass superstar with big-ass-superstar funding got the big-ass job that was going in our department. And he just sent out a big-ass email offering five PhD scholarships with unheard-of amounts of fieldwork expenses, at least one of which is on a topic I am totally interested in and trained to research.

Do you think it is worth me emailing him and asking him if he would consider converting one of the PhD positions to a postdoc? (The main reason he probably wouldn't want to is that a PhD scholarship is around $20,000, and a postdoc salary around $50,000. But he's offering almost the difference between those two figures in fieldwork expenses for each PhD student, so he seems to have a pretty big pot of money.)

And if I were to approach him about this, would it be better to just send a brief enquiry, or a CV + cover letter type thing with all my background info as well? (It may be relevant to note that we have met a few times at conferences and I once ran a workshop he participated in, but he almost certainly doesn't remember me.)


post-doc said...

I would send a friendly CV + cover letter and completely explain your qualifications and why you'd be so worth the money. I obtained a couple interviews from people who were originally looking for something else.

The only problem I could see is if it's grant money that's specifically allocated for field expenses vs salary vs. pre-doctoral training. But I'd think it was worth a shot. Good luck (if you decide to contact him)!

BrightStar said...

Definitely ask. I would also assume that this person is not short on cash, and perhaps the idea of a postdoc is appealing to the professor, but didn't realize there were people nearby (you won't have relocating expenses, so that's good!).

Also, maybe request an in-person meeting to talk more about possibilities!

Good luck.

Do you like this person? Is this someone you'd like to work with / for?

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I'd also make sure to refer to your participation in their programs... even if they don't remember you, they'll like that you know what they do and were interested in it long before a big pile of money was a motivation.

StyleyGeek said...

I hadn't thought about that problem, Post-doc, but it's certainly possible. Ah well, he might have other funds available too, anyway.

B*, I would love to work for this person. He has a great reputation personally as well as professionally.

ITPF: will do.

grace said...

Awesome, Styley! Good luck!

Psycgirl said...

Yes yes yes, without a doubt email him. I would email him saying that your interests match his very well and you'd be interested in working with him, as a post-doc ('cause you're graduating, duh!) and send along your CV for him to look at it. Maybe he can collapse it into 3 PhD and 1 post-doc or something. Can't hurt to ask. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

agreeing with everyone and excited at the possibility for you!!

Badaunt said...

Marry him.