Sunday, October 08, 2006

At least it improves my vocabulary

I take it back. Geekman totally does suck. 419 points. How can anyone get 419 points at Scrabble? Why do I even bother playing?

(And did you know that a quokka is a small wallaby? Neither did I.)


Twirly said...

Wait a second - aren't you not allowed to use proper names in scrabble - you didn't really lose Geekman CHEATED! My mom can get over 400 points in scrabble too - no fun!

StyleyGeek said...

He didn't use any proper names (although I'm sure he must have cheated anyway!)

If you are thinking of quokka, it isn't a proper name: no more than, say, "rabbit" or "kangaroo" is. But he didn't use it, either: he just told me about it. I guess that was unclear, but I was illustrating his insanely large vocabulary.

turtlebella said...

I am crap at Scrabble. I end up having words like "dog" ... It's not a whole lot of fun to play with me either!!! For a whole different reason.