Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I think I'm in love with our landlady

My phone call this morning with the body corporate in charge of our apartment block:

"Hi, my name is StyleyGeek. Could I please speak with X?"

"What should I tell him that this is about?"

"There is a problem with the hot water at our apartment block."

[Pause. Whispers go back and forth between the person I am speaking to and someone else.]

"You say your name is... StyleyGeek? Are you an owner?"

"No, but the owner of the apartment we rent gave us your phone number and suggested we talk to X."

[Pause. More whispers go back and forth.]

"So you are the tenant? Did you contact the property manager?"

"No. We are dealing directly with the landlady for now, since she fired the property manager."

[Pause. More whispers.]

"And the landlady gave you this phone number?"

"Yes. Look, this might be easier if I could just speak to X, please. She said that's who I should deal with." (Actually she said that I shouldn't settle for speaking to anyone else because apart from X they were all incompetent morons. But I decided not to pass on that part of the message.)

[More whispering.]

"I'm sorry, X isn't here right now." (Yeah, right. And the whispering is just between you and the space aliens.)

"When should I call back?"

[Whisper whisper.]

"I don't think you should call back. We know about the problem you are trying to report, and are dealing with it. Goodbye." [Click.]


To: [landlady]
Subj: the hot water problem

I just tried to call the body corporate, but I don't think they were very happy that I contacted them directly. They say they are dealing with the problem, though.


To: StyleyGeek
Subj: Re: the hot water problem

I don't really care whether they are happy or not because I'm not at all happy with any of them. Anyway, I'll work it out for you :)


I bet her conversation with them is going to be more dramatic than mine was.

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RageyOne said...

Sounds like your landlady wants for business to be done correctly and in a timely fashion. Good for her and you!