Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Grace rocks and we should have taken her advice* ages ago

The landlord came around to repair our doorknob today and we took the opportunity to give him a private tour of the water damage to the apartment. He was appropriately horrified and left muttering various obscene references to the property manager under his breath.

Within an hour I had an apologetic and groveling email from the property manager, a phone call from a roof repair company and a plasterer, and appointments for them to repair the roof and ceiling respectively by the end of this week.

I'd say somebody got their arse kicked and it just might have been INDEPENDENT PROPERTY GROUP :)


* Grace suggested going over the head of the property manager and contacting the landlord directly.


grace said...

Ah, my ears are burning! :)

I am thrilled that you got some action, at last!

RageyOne said...

Wonderful news!

Queen of West Procrastination said...