Tuesday, September 19, 2006

There's a spider on my ceiling and it's probably poisonous*

I sit here trying to compose a post and I can't.** I feel grey and numb and blank.

Tax returns.***

They suck the creativity right out of you. (Which is probably a good thing, since I've heard the IRD tends to frown on creativity.)

But it will all be worth it, since as I implied in the footnotes it looks like we'll both be getting a refund this year. I am trying not to dwell on how sad it is that that is probably because I spent nearly 15 % of my income on job-related expenses. [Insert mopey reflection on grad student life here.]

I have happy news, but it's all hush hush because it isn't yet signed and official (and will no doubt still go horribly wrong before it gets there and then you won't get to hear it at all).

My, I'm a glass half-full person tonight.


* That isn't a metaphor: it is literally the case. (And by 'literally' I don't mean 'figuratively'). But please feel free to interpret it as significant if you're that way inclined.

** A post about not being able to write a post. How wonderfully clichéed paradoxical.

*** The noun. Not the verb. Although this time round it looks like the verby interpretation might be valid too.


turtlebella said...

Can't wait to hear the happy news. Hope the poisonous spider doesn't bite you and kill you before you get to tell us...

USJogger said...

Years ago, USAToday had a large advertisement that said, "[Some large number of] readers literally devour our paper every day."


grace said...

NZ (happily) has a dearth of poisonous spiders, but we do have a lot of australian white-tails. My preferred method for dealing with them is the vacuum cleaner -- you can easily get them off walls and ceilings, and it seems to kill them instantaneously (if you look in the vac bag you can't even find the bits).

Good luck with your exciting news!