Sunday, September 24, 2006

Just for you

To make up for the lack of content here lately, and as a reward for my faithful readers: my new favourite joke.

What's green and brown and has six legs, and will kill you if it falls out of a tree onto you?

A billiard table.


luckybuzz said...

That might be my new favorite joke too. I just read it to GB and Jason, who are both extremely drunk (uh, drunk+); Jason, I think, didn't get it, and GB laughed and laughed. So thanks. :)

StyleyGeek said...

You are welcome. I first heard it when drunk too. I think it works better that way.

I was wondering if I would ever get comments again, so thank YOU :)

Magpie said...

Brilliant, didn't see that one coming.

turtlebella said...

hee hee!