Thursday, September 21, 2006

Looking out my window makes me wonder

Do you think the skateboarders who choose the university campus for their preferred skating grounds are some sort of subsubculture looked down on by all the other skateboarders as geeks?

Or maybe they are the ones that their friends go to with difficult questions:
"I can't do my French homework."
"Ask Robbo, he skates over at the linguistics building. Something might have rubbed off on him."

Or could it be that they are all kids from academic families and that filling the time spent waiting for some professorial member of their family by skateboarding is a desperate attempt to pretend to be cool?

"Steve's Mum's a professor...."
"Eeeewww... he's got smartypants germs."
"No no! It's not true! I was just skateboarding over at the uni because they have really awesome concrete. Yeah. That's it. Good concrete."


Anonymous said...

spotted a month ago walking past local skate park;

with arm in sling
standing on a skateboard
holding a half drunk bottle of beer

(its called the "accident hump" guys)

nicely illustrated here between 15 and 25-ish by Statistics NZ, apologies for the ugly link


StyleyGeek said...

Interesting graph, mila.

Although I think the skaters I saw were around 12 or 13 years old, so a little young to be part of that hump. Give them a couple of years...