Friday, September 29, 2006

God John Howard moves in mysterious ways

Geekman's boss had a phone call from the Department of Defence yesterday. The military would like to give them some funding, could they please arrange to tour the centre tomorrow?

The bizarre thing about this is that the research Geekman's centre does has NO conceivable military application. So no one has any idea what this could be about.

Geekman says his colleagues spent large parts of the rest of the afternoon debating whether it would be ethical to accept money from the Defence Department at all. They concluded that at least this would effectively shrink Australia's military budget, since throwing money at technologies with no military uses leaves them with less to spend on things that might actually kill people.

But there still reigns general bafflement as to why Defence might be interested in them at all.

Update: The people coming to tour the centre cancelled. So their reasons for interest may remain forever a mystery.