Monday, September 04, 2006

More than a little bit spooky

Standing in our garage, I notice that our car is not only looking like its usual rusty, barely-roadworthy self, but that it's looking like its usual rusty, barely-roadworthy self PLUS bonus bird droppings and a windscreen that's opaque with dust.

As we get in, I say to Geekman, "Sometimes I'm embarrassed by our car."

"Shh!" he says. "It'll hear you! And won't start!"

Then he turns the key, and you know what? Not the slightest engine noise.

But it's okay, because this happened a while ago, and now I know how to fix it. So I'm kind of excited about my chance to try out my new car-fu technique, but also a little bit nervous that it might be something else entirely. Something big and nasty and expensive to repair.

Before I get my chance to show off my awesome car repair skillz, though, Geekman wants to give it another try.

"I'm sorry for what I said, little car," I whisper first. "I'm not really embarrassed to be seen with you. We can go to the supermarket together, and I'll tell everyone that you're with me."

Then Geekman turns the key, and the car starts without any trouble at all.

But I'm going to be sleeping with one eye open for a while, and keeping my ears attuned for the sound of engine noises coming closer and closer up the stairs.


betty said...

It's a little late here, I guess - but as I was reading this i thought you were going to say there were holes in the garage roof big enough to let bird poop through!

so anyway....

Your story IS spooky - I hope the car plays nice for a while!

Rebecca said...

You’re welcome to come whisper to my car if you want practice. You will probably have at least as much success as the fucktards who kept it for 3 days and only managed to get it to start up exactly one time, right before they closed for a long holiday weekend.

StyleyGeek said...

Betty: there are.

Bella Sultane said...

Hah - I wish my car responded to me so sensitively!

Catthebanditqueen said...

Told you so! That car has deep-rooted abandonment issues--I'm sure it misses me, and was probably devastated when it's new parent rejected it so callously. Please tell it I still love it, and you do too.

StyleyGeek said...

I like your pseudoname :) I'll be sure to tell the car how much you miss it.