Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I can sing a rainbow

The colours of spring are


and yellow

and orange

and purple and blue

This was meant to be happy thoughts in lieu of a complainy post, but I can't help but add this secret message to my mother:

When someone is in the middle of cropping photos and is called away to check on the dinner, it is NOT good form to go over to the computer and start messing around with their pictures. And when they return and ask (trying to keep the horrified tone from their voice), "Do you know which photo I was up to before I left?" the correct answer is NOT, "No, but I don't think it was this one. Picasa is fun, isn't it? I've been playing around with cropping them differently."

More happy thoughts:

(Photos taken yesterday at Floriade.)


turtlebella said...

Wait, you TOOK those photos...seems like the flowers are from like Holland!

Only slightly depressing that it's spring there while we head into autumn. Just have to remind myself: I love autumn!

StyleyGeek said...

Yup. Well, I took most of them. The last one was taken by my mother.

Autumn is fun too. But right now I am SO ready for spring!