Sunday, September 03, 2006

But that would be too logical

Geekman's take on the roof leaks (as we stand in the communal entrance to the apartment building and gaze in disbelief at the amount of water pooling there):

"It should be difficult to construct a building that leaks as much as this one. I mean, you'd think you'd need special pipes to pump in water from the outside. Couldn't they just have built a building that doesn't have holes in it?"


grace said...

Sooo cute! Do give him a hug from me. And remind him he is a theory man, not an empiricist ;-)

Rebecca said...

What about taking pictures of that mess and sending them to the local media. Kind of like, can you believe that these apartments are so much in demand that tenants will put up with this kind of crap? But shouldn't it be illegal for the landlords to get away with it?

Sometimes they're interested in this kind of stuff for human interest stories. And, sometimes, that will result in action. It can't hurt anyway. If there are e-mail addresses available and you have a digital camera, it won't take a whole lot of effort, either.

betty said...

i really like rebecca's idea. there is a column in the local paper where people do this with the roads (broken stop lights, clogged intersections, blind turns - that sort of thing). unless independent property group is a giant organization they probably can't afford the bad business that would result from a media expose (how do i put the accent on a word in html? too lazy to figure that out this AM).

StyleyGeek said...

Yeah, remember the bit where I don't want to be a difficult tenant? And where I'm going to need references from these people eventually? :)

The other thing is that having a leaky roof is not exactly uncommon here. Everyone I know has a house that leaks somewhere. In places where it only rains once every couple of months, I guess people don't see waterproof houses as being quite so essential.

But thanks for all the suggestions.

Rebecca said...

Oops! Forgot about the references thing. Sorry, then, that wasn't at all helpful. I guess all that's left is to pray for less rain.:(