Friday, September 22, 2006


All of a sudden I'm the department's expert on a particular morphological theory.

I don't even do morphology! I just had the audacity stupidity good fortune to attend a course on this theory in July and now it's all "StyleyGeek can explain this to you" and "You want to do a research project in this framework? Why don't you talk to StyleyGeek about it?" and "Hey StyleyGeek, can you settle a bet? Is it possible to reinitialize the diametric inhibitors of the warp coil with a negatronic matrix or do you need a positronic resonator?" (No, wait, that's Star Trek speak. But for all I understood of it, that might be what they were saying.)

How do I admit that despite paying full attention in the course, doing all the background reading, and understanding the topic perfectly well at the time, in a mere 10 weeks I have totally forgotten everything I ever knew?