Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Something I never knew was possible

On a related note,* we made oatmeal and chocolate chip biscuits last night ('cookies' to you people from Foreign Parts), which were so good that I had to eat them straight out of the oven** and so they were still so hot that they sizzled on my tongue like I had dropped them into a hot buttered frying pan.

Geekman could hear it from across the room.


* Related to food, that is; not to people I hate.
** That is, the ones that I hadn't already eaten directly before they should have gone into the oven.


wolfa said...

Recipe? Recipe? Isn't it mean to talk about delicious foods and not give recipes? Why yes, it is mean!

sheepish said...

In what world is it more fun to talk about biscuits than cookies. I mean just say it loudly: cookies! Cookies!

Lucy said...

You can call them bikkies if you would find that more fun, sheepish.

I think I need the recipe, too.

sheepish said...

Ooo! Bikkies!

StyleyGeek said...

I'll post the recipe soon. Promise.