Monday, June 19, 2006

Random bullets of "Oh crap!"

  • Woke up late. Entirely my own fault. But rushing rushing rushing to get to my final day at real-job-which-pays-real-money.

  • Car wouldn't start. It decided not to inform me of this until I was partway out of the garage.

  • Was wearing clothes that can't be cycled in. Rushing rushing rushing back upstairs to change.

  • Gears on the bicycle decided to choose today to bid farewell to the cruel cruel world.

  • Legs moving like a jet propeller, bicycle moving like a tortoise on valium, I eventually made it to job-which-pays-real-money. To find they had nothing left for me to do.

  • Got home to find plumber had been and gone and carefully locked the deadbolt on the door, which we never use and which I therefore don't carry keys for. Locked out.

  • Which gave me ample time to repair my bicycle, tidy the junk cupboard in the garage, and hit bits of the car engine experimentally with a hammer. (Let it never be said that I don't know how to entertain myself.)


RageyOne said...

Oh my! What a day! Glad you got the bike fixed. Bummer on getting to work and not having a thing to do.

StyleyGeek said...

Hi rageyone!

Like your avatar.

And yes. The whole day was pretty much a bummer.

shrinkykitten said...

Are they going to pay yo at least? Does geekman have a key? How long were you waiting?

I'd have heen in a corner crying!

StyleyGeek said...

Geekman did have a key, thank goodness -- but I couldn't get in touch with him for ages, and then he had to cycle home, so I was locked out for a while.

God knows what we would have done if he hadn't been carrying around his key to the deadlock because he "knew this would happen one day".

And yes, they still paid me for the time it took to get in to work and out again (plus time spent checking email, chasing people up to try and find some work to do, and waiting for the boss to arrive so that I could formally excuse myself). The joy of being a contractor paid by the hour is invoicing people extra for pissing you off. (Unprofessional? Who, me?)

Jesse said...

I hate cars.

Oh and keys too.

Car keys are OK though.

luckybuzz said...

Oh, how awful! (But on a totally unrelated note, I love "random bullets of oh crap" and I will certainly borrow that from you at some point.)

betty said...

These are exactly the kind of days that I think take days off of my life expectancy. I canNOT handle that many surprises/roadblocks in a row. Sorry you had a crappy day - maybe tomorrow, [which is already today for you ;) ] will be better...

StyleyGeek said...

Tomorrow is better so far. Probably because I didn't get up until nine :)

Luckybuzz, you're welcome to borrow it.

Jesse, I hate cars too. I can't tell you how much I loathe them. Especially this one. We only have it because (a) a year in this city without one taught us how impossible that is in a very spread out place with next to no public transport, and (b) it was free.

But you're right. On a scale of one to evil, car keys only rate about a three.