Saturday, June 17, 2006

It's never about the taste

A comment from Geekman after lunch at a Chinese restaurant:

"I think I am really starting to get into green tea."

"Great. We can get some for home if you want."

"What I like about it is the way that it's always being topped up when you aren't looking."

"That might be harder to replicate."

"I thought that could be where you come in."


Jesse said...

Ah, that's funny.

I would love to drink more tea than I do. But alas, it has a tendency to make my stomache upset.

StyleyGeek said...

That's strange, jesse. Is it the caffeine? Because then green tea might work for you. Or what about herbal teas?

shrinkykitten said...

That is super hilarious! I would bargain for constantly refilling cake in exchange.

Jesse said...

No, it's not caffeine. I drink coffee all the time.

I haven't had herbal tea in a while, so can't say for sure if it upsets my stomache. But anything made with actual tea leaves, black tea and green tea, gives me a sour stomache. They didn't used to.

If i have food with it, it's OK.

luckybuzz said...

You know, tea on an empty stomach makes me nauseous. Weird, because no problem with coffee.

And I'm wondering if GB and Geekman might have been separated at birth...

StyleyGeek said...

Well there's your solution, Jesse: eat more!

And Luckybuzz -- Geekman does have a twin, but as far as I know he isn't in a relationship, or pseudonymous :)