Monday, June 05, 2006

Practising for the phone call to the landlord. (Don't you just love the passive voice?)

While we were investigating the dripping ceiling*, a hole was made.

While the dripping ceiling was being investigated, a hole occurred.

There was an investigation. Then there was a hole.

* You know, that leak that we have been telling you about regularly (like, every time it rains) since we moved in.


Lydia said...

Haha, I thought that was some kind of abstract watercolor painting at first! :)

mila said...

ah yes. I seem to remember many years ago Fiona's parents were away; a builder had been doing some work on the roof; it had rained lots; the ceiling had started to sag ....

yes, messy

StyleyGeek said...

Abstract water-damage, more like!

Annoyingly, people in this city/country(?) don't see leaks as high-priority, since they only cause problems when it rains, and what's the chances of that happening?

It's the one time when the Australian "she'll be right, mate" attitude really slacks me off!

shrinkykitten said...

my upstairs neighbors *toilet* has been leaking into my apartment oh, for like a year. ugh. (note, it's clean water, but still).

I would go with, "Mate, the sky is falling!"

Badaunt said...

We had a little problem with a hole in the ceiling once, too, caused by the upstairs basin leaking and us not noticing until water had gone through the floor to the ceiling below. And we were also wondering how to tell the landlord, when the Kobe earthquake happened!

Suddenly it became a very, very minor problem, somewhere after 'the roof has been demolished,' 'none of the doors fit the doorways anymore,' and 'the bathroom wall fell into the bath.'

I suppose you could say the problem of how to tell the landlord was solved. As a catchall excuse a major earthquake beats anything.

(I do not recommend this as a way of getting around the problem of a hole in the ceiling, however.)

StyleyGeek said...

That's certainly a solution. But a bit too drastic for my tastes, and probably difficult to arrange in this region.

That must have been terrifying! (The earthquake and telling the landlord both).