Monday, June 12, 2006

Anybody need an anatomical model of a fresh water polyp?

I love this site. Mostly because of improbable words like Gehörknöchelchen. <- my new favourite word.

Isn't it lucky* for you that I have a seminar to prepare, and therefore so much free time that I can google for random weirdness like this?


* If I was going to be all Anglo-modest** about this, I'd say something like "Unluckily for you, I have a seminar to prepare and therefore am reduced to posting all this weirdness for you poor sods to digest. But no, because (a) two people have complimented me on this blog in the last 24 hours and thus shored up the scaffolding of my self-esteem quite nicely, thank you, and (b) if it was such a trial for poor little you to read these posts, you would be perfectly capable of bogging off and doing something more interesting instead.

** Two years in the same department as this person has got me seeing everything in terms of cultural scripts and made me completely incapable of using words like "polite", "modest", "friendly", "rude", and so on without surrounding them with cultural-specific disclaimers and definitions. Make it stop!