Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The frost's so heavy, it looks like snow

It's minus four fricking degrees outside. -4.3 to be exact (24 degrees fahrenheit). And it's like the weather forecast can't quite bring itself to believe what it's announcing. It states that it is -4.3 degrees, but it's still predicting a minimum temperature of -1.

And somehow I have to force myself to leave the house, get on my bicycle and ride to uni. The only incentive I have is that at the other end there's a seminar that needs giving.

I want to go back to bed.


shrinkykitten said...

Dude, it's tuesday already????

Good luck!

Katie said...

I know what you mean! It is so hard for me to get going whenever it is cold outside!

Jesse said...

I hate waking up.

Is that unusally cold for where you are?

StyleyGeek said...

I don't mind waking up. It's the getting-out-of-bed bit that I hate.

And it's not all that unusually cold, but for this time of year it's pretty bad. The coldest time is usually late July/August. And it doesn't really get colder than what we had today.

So maybe this year we're in for a nastier winter than usual.

I've lived in much colder places (Germany, Denmark), but the deciding difference is: central heating (or lack of it)! Australians don't really do the central heating thing (or double glazing, or doors that fit properly). So when it's -4.3 outside, that means it's probably below zero IN the house too.

Jana said...

You need plenty of polar fleece and a good down sleeping bag that opens at the base. I can assure you that it's possible to write a doctorate sitting at a chair enclosed in all of the above.

StyleyGeek said...

Oh that brings back memories, jana.

I did all my winter undergraduate work in Christchurch wearing two jerseys, a thick duffel coat, scarf and hat, a sleeping bag and a cat, with a hotwater bottle to warm my hands up on when they started getting numb.

Fortunately it isn't quite so bad here, since we can now afford to heat the house. It just takes a while in the mornings for the heater to get the place up to bearable.