Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This is going to be interesting

Ring ring!

"Hi, is that StyleyGeek?"
"I'm one of your students and I want to pick up an assignment. Will it be at the secretary's office or what?"
"Wha-? who-? Which assignment do you mean? The fourth assignment?"
"There were four?"
"I meant the third one. I think."
"Who is this?"
"Caroline Smith"*
"Caroline? I thought you'd dropped the course."
"No, I just couldn't come to the classes or anything".**
"Well I do have your assignment. You can come by and pick it up from my office this afternoon if you like."
"Where's your office?"
"In the linguistics building, second floor."
"Which building is that, again?"
"Building number 110 on the campus map."
"Okay. I'll be by soon. Because I need it for next week. See ya."

After she hung up, I realised that the only conceivable reason she might need it for next week is if she thinks the exam is still next Friday, when actually it morphed into a take-home exam that was due yesterday.

* Yes, I changed the name.
** "Anything" being doing most of the assignments, presumably.


shrinkykitten said...

Horrifying, yet (sorry) gratifying. That is, it is gratifying to see that it is not only American students who are this clueless and out of it.

StyleyGeek said...

Oh no. I'm sure that clueless students are a species with a wide geographical distribution.

StyleyGeek said...

Update: she wasn't confused about the exam, thank god. She just plans on handing it in late. I sent her in ScaryLecturer's direction to ask about how good a strategy that was.