Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Parrots with attitude

"And they told us red and green weren't camoflage colours. Well who's laughing now?"

"Who's a pretty parrot? Yes you are. Oh yes you are."

Geekman: "They're not disgruntled. Just... differently gruntled."


shrinkykitten said...

do you really talk to the birds that way? so shatters my image of you.

StyleyGeek said...

The middle quote is what I was saying, yes. The top one is what the birds were saying back.

What's your image of me, and why does this shatter it?

shrinkykitten said...

I just don't see you as doing baby talk - but hell I say that same kind of thing to squirrels, so who am I to talk.

Like Lucy, I definitely see you as too cool for school.

StyleyGeek said...

Damn. I should never have shattered that image, then. This is probably the only chance in my life I have at being cool.

I was always the big geek loser with no friends until I went to university. Now I'm the quiet geek not-quite-a-loser with one or two people I kinda hang out with.

It must be the name. StyleyGeek. Cos I'm so styley.

(The real story behind the name is that when I started it, the only one in my circle of friends to have ever had a semi-anonymous blog called himself "Styley". And I wanted to express the fact that I'm a bigger geek than him. And I guess I was trying to draw the dork-geek distinction. I am a geek, but trying to be stylier than a dork.)

But I never thought I'd start sending out vibes of coolness. Woot!