Friday, June 16, 2006

Semi-blatant advertising

Remember Grace, the photographer who specialises in excitingly lit vegetable matter? Her website is now up and running (except for the wall prints section), so go there and buy cards, okay?

Here are my picks:

For Christmas, get this one.

For goths, get this one.

For people you want to have sex with, get this one.

And for staring at intensely until your eyes feel all warm and happy, get this one.


luckybuzz said...

Totally cool. And the "people you want to have sex with" one made me laugh. :)

Lucy said...

my eyes do feel totally warm and happy now :)

Jana said...

Speaking as someone who has just made her second order of cards (and seen them arrive yesterday, beautifully wrapped), I was interested to see your selections. I've always thought that the echinoderms were Christmassy, and that the cockle shell was erotic. I ordered the one you describe as Gothic, too. I wonder what this says about me...

StyleyGeek said...

That you're a Christmas-loving goth with a shellfish fetish :)