Saturday, June 24, 2006

A preemptive apology

Blogging may be a little light (and/or totally non-existent) over the next ten days. Tomorrow I head off to wintrier-than-thou Southern Parts and will probably only have internet access via a dial-up connection on a primeval, virus-laden computer which runs entirely on Microsoft products.

I asked Geekman if he wanted to guest-blog, but he said he might "do it wrong".* So you'll have to entertain yourselves in my absence. (Please don't eat the cushions, and no throwing the furniture in the swimming pool. Also, I'll be very sad if I return to find you didn't save me any wine.)

* Which, incidentally, is his response when we are going out in the car and I ask which one of us is going to drive: "Me! You might do it wrong."


shrinkykitten said...

Have fun! And we don't need no steenkin' guest blogger anyway - we'll stick around!

Badaunt said...

Ooh! I want to hear ALL ABOUT IT when you come back. I haven't been home for a couple of years.

Keep warm!

(Microsoft ... eek! How come NOBODY uses Macs in NZ?)

RageyOne said...

Have a safe trip!

Lucy said...

have fun!

Geekman said...

badaunt - Because Linux is so much better :)