Sunday, June 11, 2006

Drip drip

The leak (drip) in the bedroom ceiling (drip drip) has gotten (drip) so bad (drip) that we have been forced (drip drip drip) to move our bed (drip) into the lounge (drip drip).

This led to me sitting up late last night composing angry letters to the property manager (who had promised that they would send someone by to fix the problem on Wednesday last week). At one o'clock in the morning I finally got worked up enough to click on "send".

So now in the cold, clear light of day, I need to wander over to my outbox and see how abusive the email I sent actually was. I do remember that there were photos.

*Screwing up eyes, can't bear to look.*

I think we've been very patient with the property manager/landlord over the last year and half, and we probably have a right to be angry, but on the other hand getting ourselves branded as "difficult tenants" is not going to help us get good references if we do want to move somewhere else in this country.

Rock, meet right shoulder. Left elbow, meet hard place.


grace said...

A good landlord/property manager welcomes communication from the tenant, and appreciates frank and timely notice of problems. If they don't appreciate you it's because they're crap and unlikely to give you a nice reference anyway (if my experience is anything to go by).

StyleyGeek said...

Thanks, Grace. Um. I think.