Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Look at me!" she expostulated.

I've got me a classy new randomising bit of code thingy (nicked from No Fancy Name) which makes all my commentators sound like characters from Biggles books. But it only works on the non-pop-up version. So if you click on the date stamp of a post and it takes you to the "post page", then you'll see the Biggles character version, but not if you click on "comments" and get the pop-up.

Does anyone know if there's any way to modify the code for what turns up within the comments pop-up box, or would I have to set comments to non-pop-up if I wanted everyone to behold this new splendidness?

(Yes, the entire point of this post was not so much to ask that question, but to make you all go and look at the comments on archived posts and worship my ingenuity.)


JM said...

you can't modify anything in the standard blogger comments forms, as they're not part of your template.

shrinkykitten said...

I like pop up - but also like the in-line comments like chez luckybuzz.

It took me along long time to figure out what had changed. I kept thinking there would be pictures of characters. I like it though!