Thursday, October 12, 2006

Stop the seasons! I want to get off!

Oh my dear lord, we have a high of 31 C predicted for today and tomorrow. And it's only the beginning of October. The hottest month isn't until January.

Let's translate that to Americanese: 88 F at the start of May.

And it drops back down to 20 C (68 F) on Sunday.

Edited to add: In other weather-related news, last night I was talking to a girl from Malaysia who is planning to move to Dunedin.
"It's a pretty city," I said. "Shame about the weather."
"Well, it rains a lot and it's pretty cold."
"Colder than Australia?" she gasped.

(If you don't know why that's funny, take a look here at Dunedin's climate info and here for comparison to the coldest Australian city I know of.)


New Kid on the Hallway said...

We are flip-flopping with you - it's finally getting down to the 60s here!htt

New Kid on the Hallway said...

(that htt is me typo-ing...)

Mosilager said...

lucky, we'll be close to 0 overnight

Jana said...

Tell her Dunedin students aren't called scarfies for nothing!

StyleyGeek said...

Sorry, Grace: I deleted your comment due to it mentioning my city by name (I like to hide from google).

You are right, though: Dunedin doesn't seem to have such cold colds as we do, but it never actually gets hot either. Its average highs on that chart I linked to are horrible!

(With the name of the city removed, Grace's comment said:

That is v funny about Dunedin.

However, as my Dunedin-born neice pointed out, they don't have the very cold winter nights we have here in Chch (and you obviously have). One advantage of their cloudier skies! And no discomfort due to heat and humidity :-))

Anonymous said...

37.5 degrees C here today, with 31 yesterday. At least 27 degrees for tomorrow.
Mind you, Weekend_Viking is currently putting up with 36-39 degrees...
I thnk I may get your weather hotter and a day or two earlier.


grace said...

Sorry, Styley, careless of me.

And where is Weekend Viking these days?

turtlebella said...

We are having same but opposite trend here in midwestern United States. Yesterday it was 25.6C (78F) and today? Its been around 8-10C (56-50F). The low tonight is expected to be 0C (32F)! arg. Would like some proper autumnal weather!

StyleyGeek said...

Grace -- they are in Adelaide (sigh, they left us). But by the sounds of it, Weekend_Viking himself is wandering the outback in search of diamonds.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Weekend_Viking is up in the Hammersleys for about the next 3 weeks avoiding snakes, remembering to drink lots of water and playing with the red rocks.