Sunday, October 01, 2006

First impressions last

At a party last night:

"Hi, I'm Geekman."
"I'm Jim. But haven't we already met somewhere?"
"Were you at Sarah's party a few weeks ago?"
"That's right. I thought I'd seen those eyebrows somewhere before."


Jana said...

Instantly identifiable!

StyleyGeek said...

Don't say that! He'll make me take it down!

grace said...

I LOVE the picture! You can tell
Geekman that eyebrows are very fashionable just now: you can even buy falsies
if yours aren't big enough ( ). Philip Sherry was so ahead of his time! (am I the only one who remembers him?)

Jana said...

Isn't he the one who used to read the news, well before the Richard and Judy show?

grace said...

Yes! And he had the most amazing eyebrows.